Audio Enhancer
This service provides various methods for enchancing the quality of an audio file in wav format. Currently, two methods for noise reduction are available, namely minimum-mean square error short-time spectral amplitude estimator (reference can be found here) and spectral subtraction (reference can be found here).
This web service provides several operations, there are:
This operation does the noise reduction procedure. The noise reduction process is done in matlab.
audioInput - string representing audio file encoded by Base64.
audioResult - string representing audio file as the result of noise reduction process.
The Web Service Description Language (WSDL) of this web service can be found at
Sample Web Client
A simple web client that consume this web service can be found at
The source code of this simple web client can be found at
Web Service Author(s):
  • This web service was developed by:
    Eliza Margaretha () on October 2008
  • This web service was modifed by:
    Ario Santoso () on December 2008
    • Some modification for deployment purpose

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