Conceptual Dictionary
Conceptual Dictionary is a tool to find the concepts of a word in Indonesian.
This web service provides one operations, it is:
Operation search will search concepts related to the query word.
language - String-type parameter. The language of the word (e.g: id, en).
searchWord - String-type parameter. The word to be found its concepts.
matchingMethod - String-type parameter. The matching method parameter (e.g: Complete, Partial, Prefix, Suffix, Regex, Language Path)
Concepts Array - type value which represents the array of concepts of the word.
The Web Service Description Language (WSDL) of this web service can be found at
Sample Web Client
A simple web client that consume this web service can be found at
Sample Client
Web Client Author(s):
  • The web client was developed by:
    Fahrurrozi Rahman () and Bayu Distiawan () in March 2011

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