POS Tagger
This service provides functionality for retrieving the part of speech of a word in a sentence. This service was built using standford pos tagger

This web service provides one operation, there are:
This operation can be called by any client to retrieve the part of speech of a word in a sentence.
sentence - a string that contains some words.
POS - Part of speech of every word in the sentence.
The explanation about the POS:
nn - Noun (example: buku, rumah)
vb - Verb (example: membaca, menyatakan)
md - Modal (example: dapat, harus)
jj - Adjective (example: cantik, mahal)
rb - Adverb (example: sekarang, nanti)
pr - Pronoun (example: saya, dia)
cd - Cardinal numerals (example: satu, kesatu)
neg - Negation (example: tidak, bukan)
in - Preposition (example: di, ke)
con - Conjunction (example: dan, yang)
wh - Wh-determiner (example: apa, siapa)
sym - Symbol (example: % - +)
. - Sentence terminator (. ? !)
, - Comma (example: ,)
oth - Other (example: si, sang, wah, masing-masing)
The Web Service Description Language (WSDL) of this web service can be found at
Sample Web Client
A simple web client that consume this web service can be found at
Web Service Author(s):
  • This web service was developed by:
    Bayu Distiawan () in February 2011

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